POD cheat sheet

POD = Plain old documentation (Perl)

General note: All POD identifiers should be preceded and followed by a blank line except "=item" which is preceded by a blank line and followed by the list item text.

=head1 Heading Text
=head2 Heading Text
=head3 Heading Text
=head4 Heading Text
Headers by level
=begin format
=end format
Format block as "format" (ie html)
=for format
Format change for next paragraph only
=pod What follows is POD text
=cut End current POD section (more can follow later).
=over indentlevel (a number)
=item listtype =back (ends the list)
Lists. listtype can be an asterisk, a number, or a name followed by the item on the next line.

Within text formatting:
B<text> Bold
C<text> Code
E<name> Named character (gt, lt, n = ASCII char, html name)
F<text> Filename
I<text> Italic
L<name> Manpage link, more complex forms available.
S<text> Non-breaking spaces.
X<index> Index entry
Z<> Zero-width (empty) char

POD Parsers:
podchecker  "compiler"
perldoc     POD displayer
pod2html    Convert POD to HTML
pod2text    Convert POD to plain text
pod2man     Convert POD into a Unix manpage
pod2latex   Convert POD to LATEX

Typical headers:
=head1 NAME
Name of program or module

One-line description of program or module

A more hefty description, could be most of the documentation.

=head1 AUTHOR

=head1 BUGS
List of known bugs.

=head1 SEE ALSO
Related information.